Posted by VELUX Skylights on January 17, 2020

Make the Most of Your Stairwells with Skylights


Where are the stairs in your home?

In most homes, stairwells are in the center of the house, with no outside walls or windows. That means stairs are almost always illuminated with artificial light - if they're lit at all, that is.


And now you may be wondering, "What does it matter if my stairwell doesn't have pristine lighting? No one's hanging out on the steps!"


Safety on the Steps

Arguably, your stairwell is one of the areas in your home where sight is most important. At best, a dark stairway is an inconvenience and, at worst, it could be a serious hazard.


We all know kids aren't always the best at slowing down or paying attention, and as we age, our eyes and vision inevitably change. For your family's safety, light and the ability to see clearly are essential in your stairway. And it's been determined time and time again that natural lighting from above is best for visual acuity. How do you get lighting from above in your stairwell? With a skylight, of course!


Stairwells & Skylights

Adding a skylight over your stairwell not only brightens the space, it also spills natural light into the rooms next to them. And if your stairway is too narrow for traditional skylights, VELUX Sun Tunnel® Skylights are the perfect alternative.


Sun tunnels are often the most cost-effective option for natural daylighting, and they provide the same bright, natural light as traditional skylights. But since they don't require as big of a hole in the roof, they're perfect for a staircase! You can even line up multiple sun tunnels for consistent lighting up and down the steps.


But if you do have the space, there couldn't be a more perfect place in your home for a traditional skylight than the ceiling above your stairs. In addition to all the natural light, some skylight models even open to allow fresh air to flow throughout your entire home.



Whether traditional skylights are your jam or sun tunnels are a better fit, illuminating your stairwell with natural light is the best way to keep your stairs bright and your family safe from trips and falls.