Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 28, 2018

Designing the Coolest Kids' Room


Your kids deserve the very best, so it's time to create a space for them that encourages growth, learning, and imagination!

As a parent, you learn early on that it doesn't take long for kids to outgrow anything. From their clothes and shoes to toys and TV shows, they can even outgrow the spaces where they spend their time! Think about it: your five-year-old doesn't sleep in a crib anymore, so why shouldn't his or her other surroundings accommodate that growth?


It's time to take the first steps toward updating your kids' bedrooms or playroom...or both! This is the exciting part: you get to explore different design avenues and choices. Bubble chairs, modern bunk beds, and high impact/low-cost artwork are all popular options for kids' rooms. And with a little paint and some outfitting updates, you can completely transform your kids' space to give it the fun and beneficial upgrades everyone wants!


Of course, if you're looking to create the absolute perfect and, let's be honest, the coolest kids' room around, we've got a little secret to let you in on. Go to your kids' room and look up. Now, say "hello" to your fifth wall!


We miss out on tons of design and decor opportunities when we slap a coat of white paint on the ceiling and call it a day. So, take this redecorating opportunity to explore your fifth wall options in your kids' rooms. You could paint it an accent color that matches the decor below, or you could even put in a skylight! A skylight provides natural daylight, fresh air, and a pop of color, whether it's the color of the blinds you install or the bright blue of the sky above.


The fifth wall is your chance to see your kids' room in a whole new natural light, and now's the time to embrace it!