Posted by Allyson Miller on February 13, 2018

Bringing the outside into your bathroom


If you want to create a more spa-like feel to your bathroom, look no further than right outside. Bringing natural inside your bathroom is what you need to give your space the look and feel of a relaxing day-spa. 


Nothing beats a relaxing dip into a garden tub surrounded with natural elements and design. It's ultimate luxury if you ask me. But how do you bring the outside in without knocking down all your walls? With just a few design changes to your bathroom, you can easily accomplish this look. 


Pebble tile

Bring the floor of a calm river bed into your shower or bathroom by adding pebble tile to your floor or backsplash. This look gives your bathroom the calming feel of water right in your home. 




Rain Shower 

If you haven't yet experienced the curative and enriching powers of a rain shower, you need to. There's nothing quite like having the feel of rain fall on you as you shower off the remnants of the day. 




Wood Vanity

One of the easiest ways to incorporate natural elements into your bathroom is with your vanity. Choosing a wooden vanity or accessories with wooden elements can bring that natural look you're aiming for.





It wouldn't be a natural style bathroom without views of nature! Skylights are the best way to open up to the outside world without sacrificing your privacy. Capture the views and enjoy the benefits of all the sunlight. 




Rustic Fixtures

Add some rustic or vintage fixtures to your bathroom to give a more natural vibe to your space. Metals like copper and brass are more in tune with the greens and browns of a natural scenery, as well as black  fixtures.