Posted by VELUX Skylights on April 9, 2018

Bring New Life to Your Hallway with Sunlight


Hallways usually aren't the most exciting part of a house. Worse yet, they can even feel dark and unwelcoming with their lack of access to natural light. Which is a shame, because daylight has the ability to turn your home's mundane areas into something truly extraordinary! So, how can you bring sunlight into the darkest corners of your home?

With a skylight, of course!


A skylight can easily transform an otherwise dark hallway into a sun-soaked walkway. So, why don't we see more skylights in hallways? The truth is, most homes don't have hallways wide enough to accommodate traditional roof windows, Fortunately, where a traditional skylight won't fit, a sun tunnel skylight can be installed to pick up the slack.

With a sun tunnel skylight, a roof-mounted, light-collecting dome is used to collect daylight and deliver it to the space below through a tubular shaft with highly reflective interior coating. And with their highly refractive and reflective components, sun tunnels actually operate better than traditional skylights to deliver usable light! Even on a cloudy day, VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights can provide just as much light as a conventional 60-watt bulb.


Because sun tunnels are so easy to maneuver during installation, putting in multiple tunnels at once is a time-saving option that allows you to light up the entire length of your hallway. And sun tunnels aren't just one of the most cost-effective skylights to install, they also deliver far less heat than many standard skylights, saving you even more on air conditioning bills.


With sun tunnel skylights, you're able to bring sunlight into your home's darkest spaces. Sun tunnels' light-collecting domes can be mounted to almost any type of roofing material, so there's really no excuse not to install a little bit of sunshine in your hallways!