Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 22, 2018

Are Smart Bathrooms the New Big Thing?


In the last few years, smart technology has found a place in virtually every room of the home. And now it seems like bathrooms are the final piece of the smart home puzzle.

Professional installers often note that the backbone of contemporary bathroom design hinges on "getting the balance between functionality and aesthetics." So, here's what you're likely to find in smart bathrooms!


Smart Toilets

Technically, smart toilets have been on the market since the early 1980s, at least in Japan. But now that technology has advanced and smart toilets are making their way around the globe, those who are able can buy self-cleaning toilets or ones equipped with UV-sterilized seats and bowls. And it doesn't stop there: the Numi Intelligent Toilet (from Kohler Konnect) features a heated seat, touchless flushing, Bluetooth music capabilities, LED nightlights, and even heated air that shoots out of the base to ease the sock of cold floors on bare feet. And when this smart toilet hits sales floors at the end of this year, it will be compatible with Amazon's Alexa, making your days of touching the toilet for any reason a thing of the past.


Smart Showers

Did you know that the average amount of time we spend in the shower each week is an hour and a half? It makes sense, then, that modern bathroom technology is advancing to improve the experience. It's evolved to allow your shower to preheat the water and pause the flow once it has hit your preferred temperature, all from your smartphone. Additionally, energy efficiency has become a significant concern in implementing smart home technology. In Singapore, non-mobile activated smart showers designed to reduce water waste are already becoming the norm.


Smart Tubs

If you love taking relaxing baths, especially when they're prepared for you, you're going to love this next one: smart bathtubs. Kohler Konnect's new Perfect Fill Tub, for example, allows you to create your dream bath down to the degree simply by asking your smart home assistant to get things going. When bath time's over, you can drain the tub with a voice command too. And like many other smart appliances, you can make individual profiles for everyone in your home!


Smart Mirrors

We don't always get a chance to watch the news or read the paper each morning, but chances are you still have a look at the bathroom mirror no matter how late you're running. That's why it made sense to step up your mirror's game in terms of getting you ready for the day. Smart mirrors that tell you your daily agenda while assessing your complexion have been available for months now, but we're still seeing improvements and upgrades. These upgrades include everything from voice assistant integration to built-in, voice-controlled lights to help you start your day off on the right foot!


Smart Ventilation

Making your bathroom smarter is just as beneficial for the not-so-fun aspects of the space. Proper ventilation is an essential part of any bathroom, but it's something we'd rather just let the fan handle while we're getting on with our day. Along with everything else, though, bathroom fan technology has gotten smarter. Companies such as Veent, for example, have developed fans which activate when your bathroom or shower reaches a predetermined level of humidity.


And companies like Velux (hey, that's us!) are providing smart alternatives to even having a bathroom fan. Our "Fresh Air" Skylights open and close with the touch of a button to let clean air flow in as hot, moist air is released out.