Posted by VELUX Skylights on February 13, 2018

13 Bathroom Design Trends Making Waves in 2018


After watching all the design shows on TV, browsing Pinterest, and being inspired by renovations, we're pretty sure we know what bathroom design trends are going to dominate 2018.


We don't typically think of our bathroom as a trendy place. And it's usually not the first place you think of to take a risk and try a bold new design. But 2018 is all about change, and after seeing some of these bathrooms, we're all for making the b-room more trendy! 


Trend #1

One Material Designs

One-material bathrooms made their debut in the 80s, but like every solid design choice of the earlier decades, it's making it's way back! Hopefully shag carpets do not. 


What I mean by a one-material design is using a single material, be it concrete, plaster, or tiles to cover the entire space.


Seems like a lot? I thought so too at first. But when executed well, one-material bathrooms make quite the design impact. Take a look! 




Trend #2

Monochrome style

As high-end fashion way of saying, black and white, monochrome style is taking over bathrooms in 2018. As the yin and yang of colors, black and white bathroom trends can have a real impact on your space. 


Never going out of style, since black and white are timeless, you're not going to have to worry about updating your paint color to match the new color of the year. Remember, sea foam green was 2017. The monochrome style also gives a level of calm yet versatility to the space. And since black and white pair with almost everything (okay, I'm still not into pairing black with navy blue or brown), this design trend matches your current bathroom decor. 





Trend #3

Seamless showers

I've heard this trend called several different names (frameless shower, no-threshold shower), but I've stuck with calling it a seamless shower. 


For some of us, if we look at our shower, we see a metal frame that runs all the way around it. Although not unsightly, new seamless showers are taking over shower remodels because of the aesthetics it adds to the space. 


Seamless showers help your bathroom/shower space feel as large and open as possible. You can make the entire shower seamless, or just change your shower door. The smallest change can really go far in making your bathroom feel larger. 





Trend #4

Floating vanities

Remember last year's furniture vanity craze? It was a design that called for any furniture piece (mostly dressers and secretaries) to be redesigned to become a functioning bathroom vanity. Well, 2018 is moving slightly away from the primitive furniture concept and onto floating vanities! By mounting your vanity, your bathroom visually changed size and feel. 


From making your bathroom feel a lot bigger, to making cleaning easier, and bringing our the tile work in your space floating vanities bring a level of high-class design to your space. 


As one of my favorite trends of 2018, these floating vanities are available at a lot of major home stores. And just by looking at these pictures, it's definitely makes a bathroom space feel larger and more functional. 

Is it just me or does this bathroom (with the seamless shower) look so big? 




Trend #5

Freestanding tubs

This idea has been saved in my dream home scrapbook—aka Pinterest board—for forever now. There's something storybook-esque about having a freestanding tub, and I'm starting to notice that it's popping up everywhere. 


Freestanding tubs have a simple, minimalist style  that compliment any design you already have going on in your bathroom, but it also is quite a statement piece itself. 




Trend #6

Natural Light

Did you notice in the pictures above how all the bathrooms are full of rich, bright natural light? I'll admit that natural light isn't a new trend for 2018, but it's one that we're seeing a growing want for.


Natural light gives off the spa-like feel many homeowners want to bring to their bathroom space, but since the bathroom is a private room, how do you get the light without sacrificing privacy. 


What many of the above pictures show is the use of skylights to bring in natural light to the bathroom without giving away any privacy down below. And for homes where the bathroom is in the middle of the house, skylights are the only options to bring in natural light. 




Trend #7

Brass or Copper

It seems like every decade we switch between silver and gold fixtures. Silver has dominated the home fixture landscape for several years now, and we're just now starting to see a new look trickle in—brass and copper! 


Ah, there's something about copper that I simply love. It could be that it's just a change from the usual silver look, but I'm loving all the new bathroom designs that are bringing more copper and brass fixtures into play. 


But this is definitely a design trend you need to watch out for. 




Trend #8

Textured Tile

Bye bye, subway tile! Well, almost.


Remember how subway tiles littered the bathroom design world, even escaping into kitchen backsplashes. Subway tile was everywhere. And although it's still a great tile to use, we're now starting to see the mixing of tiles and new textured tile patterns. 


Just look at this bathroom that used a small square texture tiles to decorate all the way up the walls in the bathroom. It gives off a cool vibe that's different than what we commonly see in a bathroom. 




Trend #9

Organic Undertones

Yes, neutral decors will always be the most popular kid in the home store, but 2018 bathrooms are bringing an element of organic undertones. 


More homeowners are appealing to the natural way of life, and are starting to incorporate that into their home through weathered tiles and wood, aged flooring, and vintage fixtures. This trend is all about putting the more natural feel and spa-like nature into your bathroom. 


Simple ways to accomplish this look is through accent wood pieces, exposed bricks, nature-inspired wallpaper, or even better a skylight that lets all the natural light stream down into your space. 




Trend #10

High Tech appliances

We couldn't have just the trendy look go into our bathroom, we also need some trendy gadgets too! With everyone looking to turn their house into the next smarthome, many people are turning to upgrading their bathroom with some high-tech gadgets and appliances. 


With everything from self-cleaning, seat warming toilets to digital faucets and refrigerated bathroom cabinets, bathrooms are getting a lot smarter while still appearing stylish. 




Trend #11 

Mismatched tiles 

I'll catch myself cringing while watching a home renovation show because of the two contrasting tiles they're picking out in the store. I usually say out loud, "there's no way that's going to look good in a bathroom. Nope, I would hate that." But I'm usually eating my words when it's all said and done and the bathroom looks jawdropping. 


Mismatching tile is out there, and when done well, it can have some amazing results. Gone are the days of creating a bathroom look with matching designs—it's now all about mismatching. And although it takes me a second to get on board, when it's completed, I love the look. 




Trend #12 

Round Mirrors 

Another beautiful trend that existed decades ago is making it's way around again. Round mirrors or any mirrors for that matter that are tall and slender accentuate our bathroom's ceiling height. And they add a level of luxury to the space. Mirrors are becoming works of art instead of what we're typically use to seeing—those big, rectangle mirrors that take up one wall. 




Trend #13

Spa-Like Accessories 

All this design trends are pointing there way to a more spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. A place where you can go to unwind, relax, and enjoy the comforts of a warm bath. But you can't have the spa without the spa accessories, so you'll be sure to see these in more bathrooms.