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It's Time to Air Out the Kids' Room

You love your children. You want nothing but the very best for them. Which means it might ...

Kat Wiseman

4 Reasons to Install a Skylight in the Kids' Room

You love your kids and want nothing but the very best for them. So, why not give them a sp...

Kat Wiseman

Designing the Coolest Kids' Room

Your kids deserve the very best, so it's time to create a space for them that encourages g...

Kat Wiseman
Kids' Room Guide-045191-edited

4 Ways a Skylight Can Benefit Your Child's Development

At VELUX, we believe in the restorative and transformative powers of natural light. Daylig...

Kat Wiseman

Let Your Kids Play with Daylight

When imagination is encouraged, skylights can become a magical addition to any room. In fa...

Kat Wiseman