5 Expert Tips for a Healthier Home

VELUX Skylights July 17, 2024

We spend more time now than ever in our homes.

Get a Better Night's Sleep with...

VELUX Skylights July 12, 2024

After a long, hard day, all you want is your bed, welcoming you with open covers and pillows. And there's nothing like waking up the next morning, well rested and ready to take on the day's...

This Earth Day, Pledge to Live...

VELUX Skylights April 22, 2024

Happy Earth Day!

10 Household Objects Polluting...

VELUX Skylights March 18, 2024

When it comes to the air we breathe, we have a tendency to focus on the dangerous particles in the outdoor air: smog, car exhaust, and industrial fumes are all air pollutants to be concerned about....

Staying Healthy During the Holiday...

VELUX Skylights December 14, 2023

In between the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays staying healthy both physically and mentally can prove to be quite the challenge. With the drop in temperature and early onset darkness that seems...

Test Your "Green" Knowledge

VELUX Skylights July 15, 2021

How carbon-conscious are you: Can you identify which of these activities emits the most carbon? Test your "Green" knowledge with the quiz below — some of the answers may surprise you!

Ventilation: How Your Home Breathes

VELUX Skylights February 24, 2021

Proper ventilation is what keeps the air in your home fresh and healthy. In other words, proper ventilation is what your home needs to breathe!

Is the Air in your Home Clean?

VELUX Skylights February 8, 2021

It's easy to tell when you need to vacuum or dust around the house, but how do you know if your home's air is clean? The scary thing is, you probably can't tell from just a glance around the room.

Look Up for a Brighter 2021

VELUX Skylights January 8, 2021

2020 was definitely a year for the history book!  And as we look forward to 2021, many of us are hoping for a brighter year than the one we've just left behind. Well, believe it or not, literally ...

'Deskercise' Stretches to Help...

VELUX Skylights November 6, 2020

Is your home office causing you pain? And not the "ugh, I can't believe it's already Monday" kind of pain.