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How A Skylight Can Improve Your Photography Studio

Did you know that at the beginning of the 20th century, skylights were a common way for ph...

Kat Wiseman

Painting Your Bonus Room in Light

We've all heard that natural light is the best light to have in your home. This is because...

Kat Wiseman

7 Steps to Transform Your Attic Bonus Room

Looking to upgrade your space without taking on a massive renovation? Look to your attic! ...

Kat Wiseman

3 Success Tips for Turning Your Bonus Room Into a Bedroom

Typically located on the top floor of a home, a bonus room is often a finished attic space...

Kat Wiseman

12 Ways to Use Your Bonus Room

It's just common sense: your bonus room should feel like a bonus! And whether you're looki...

Kat Wiseman

3 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Bonus Room

Is your bonus room feeling a little blah? Has it become more of a burdensome, storage spac...

Kat Wiseman