Posted by VELUX Skylights on January 29, 2018

How to Feng Shui Around Your New Skylight


You've made your decision: new year, new you, new skylights!


And to implement at least one new thing, you've likely already set up a consultation to install your Velux skylights. During this consultation, a Velux installer will assess the room(s) where you want your skylight(s) to give you an expert opinion on the size, spacing, and mounting that will work best.


But what to do with your room once your skylights are in place? What's the best set-up for maximum lighting, fresh air, and enjoyment? How are you going to make sure to get just the right vibe for your new skylit home?


Well, we've done some digging, and here's what the Feng Shui experts have to say about skylights and where to position yourself (and your furniture) beneath them!


In Your Living Areas

The most important thing to keep in mind when arranging your furniture around your skylight is that skylights are windows, which are considered "active" in Feng Shui thinking. That's because, along with light and fresh air, your skylight lets in Yang energy, or more positive and bright energy than the calming Yin. For this reason, skylights generate the best energy in your most creative and active spaces, like a playroom, home office, or even in your crafting nook!


Of course, this doesn't mean you can't install a skylight in the t.v. room or a den where you relax after work. As long as you arrange your couches, chairs, and anywhere else you sit so they're not directly under the skylight, the energy should flow in a calming way to allow you to unwind.


In Your Kitchen

Nothing opens up a kitchen quite like a well-placed skylight. Morning light streaming in as you make breakfast or afternoon sun brightening the kitchen table while the kids do homework can make your kitchen the best room to be in at any time of day.


Just make sure you're not cooking directly under your skylight. One Feng Shui "no-no" is having a window directly over your cooker. Because windows carry energy in and out of your home, having one above where you cook is symbolic of losing your Chi and the essence of your food right through the roof!


In Your Bedroom

The thing to keep in mind with Feng Shui suggestions is that they're just that: suggestions. Feng Shui provides fluid guidelines - rather than hard and fast rules - for arranging your home so the energy works best for you. For this reason, you may need to do some test runs with your skylight and bedroom furniture to see what works best.


On one hand, the energy flow windows provide can be too much for some people when they sleep, so it's best to avoid putting the bed directly below the skylight. For others, having a skylight overhead actually makes for a more relaxing night's sleep because it allows them to release all the energy from the day out into the night.


Of course, no matter how your floor set-up turns out, the increases in daylight and fresh air are sure to improve your home's overall quality of life. Remember: the biggest takeaway here is that, once your skylight is installed, just have fun with it!