Posted by VELUX Skylights on February 20, 2018

How to Decorate Your Kitchen with Fresh Air


Throughout human history, at least some aspect of cooking has involved the outdoors. And if there's one thing we've learned from years of outdoor kitchens, indoor kitchens, and everything in-between kitchens, it's that fresh air is essential to an enjoyable and healthy cooking environment. Without it, humidity and odors are free to build up, causing a host of disagreeable results, from mold and mildew to dank, unpleasant air.


Let's be real: this is not the air you want in your kitchen.


The Importance of Fresh Air

Fresh air not only makes you feel happier (thanks, extra oxygen!), it also helps strengthen your immune system and is even good for your digestive system. And environments with fewer pollutants are helpful if you need to improve your blood pressure and heart rate. That added oxygen also results in higher brain functioning, enhanced concentration skills, and more energy.


Now, how do you get all this fresh air flowing through your kitchen?


Freshening Up Your Kitchen

According to, a properly installed, energy-efficient skylight can help you control heating, cooling, and lighting costs. And when utilizing the stack effect, skylights can also be an excellent source of passive ventilation.

The stack effect occurs when skylights and vertical windows are opened at the same time. As warm, moist air rises, it escapes through the skylights while the vertical windows draw in cool, clean air. And voila! Air movement that refreshes your kitchen without using electricity!


Of course, it is possible to improve the fresh air flow in your home just by opening windows on opposite sides of the room to create a cross-breeze. But the best way to maximize that flow is by including skylights in your kitchen design.

While you're at it, avoid blocking your windows with furniture or heavy drapes that may block the movement of air. And be sure to always have screens on your windows and make sure they're kept clean and free of debris.


Now, with all that fresh air flowing through your kitchen, your home can breathe naturally!