Posted by VELUX Skylights on August 7, 2020

4 Helpful Hints to Give Your Home Office a Boost


It's been the summer of the home office!


And for those of us who didn't work in remote positions before the pandemic started, our work-away-from-work spaces may have been set up based on the assumption that we wouldn't need them as long as we have. But, if you're ready to set up a home office that's more suitable for a longer stay, check out these hints for sprucing up your space.


Cover Your Basics

In any new situation, you want to make sure you have your bases and your basics covered. Think about it: what's the first thing you do at a new desk, cubicle, or office in an office building? Personalize it and set it up how it works best for you. Now that you're working from home, take that same approach. Whether your set-up is in the guest bedroom, at the dining room table, or up in a bonus room, turn it into a space that you find ideal for focused thinking, productivity, and creativity. That includes things that make you happy - like a plant or two - as well as the office basics like scratch paper, scissors, pens, etc. 


Up the Natural Light

Think about the lights at your office office. They're probably fluorescent, right? That's because, as you know, good lighting is important in an office setting. But for your home office, consider getting that good lighting by emphasizing the natural light around you. It can boost your productivity and improve your mood; and many studies show that office workers exposed to natural light throughout their workday are happier, healthier, and more productive.


In a home workspace, ample natural light from skylights and windows can help keep your circadian rhythm synchronized and reduce Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), eyestrain, and stress.


Give Yourself a View

In the same vein as natural light, natural views have proven mental health benefits. So, set yourself up somewhere that you can see outside. Obviously, we aren't all working from a mountain cabin or beach house, but there are still views to be had, whether it's a panoramic landscape, trees swaying, or a sky view. Even just adding a calendar with photos of nature or houseplants can help provide a small dose of nature to boost your spirits.


Opt for Soothing Sounds

If you normally work in an office, there are likely a lot of sounds you're used to hearing while working that you don't hear anymore. Whether your surroundings are too quiet compared to keyboard clatter and co-worker chatter, or too loud with homebound kids doing schoolwork, it's important to make an effort to find a soothing sound that helps your productivity.


Ambient noise can help keep your mind focused, so get yourself a reliable pair of headphones to block out any unwanted noise. From varying types of rain to cafe sounds, there are tons of productivity-focused audio options to choose from.



As more and more of us are working from home, it's more important than ever to create an inviting, inspiring home office space. Set up a time to talk with a VELUX design consultant to learn more about how you can add daylight and fresh air to your home workspace.