Posted by Kat Wiseman on March 20, 2018

3 Reasons to Install a Skylight in Your Bonus Room


Is your bonus room feeling a little blah? Has it become more of a burdensome, storage space than a room that actually feels like a bonus?

Well, it may be about time to look up to your bonus room's fifth wall, open it up, and install a skylight!


Better Lighting

Skylights provide an excellent source of daylight, and we've all heard that natural light is the best light to have in your home. The reason is that natural light provides a clean, white light that casts few shadows, unlike artificial light that emits a yellow or blue tint. And daylight is vital to our health; it triggers our circadian rhythms, helps us feel better, and can even aid in the healing process.


Fresh, Cool Air

Because they typically sit above a garage, bonus rooms can be one of the warmest rooms of the house. Sure, you could install a window unit to cool down the space when the A/C just isn't cutting it. Or, you could let a skylight do all the work! VELUX "Fresh Air" Skylights open to let cool, crisp air into your bonus room while allowing hot, stale air to escape.


Skylights Fit Any Ceiling Design

When it comes to your bonus room and its unique ceiling, you may think your design options are limited. Surprise! They're not! Skylights and sun tunnels are the perfect options to add to your bonus room. They can go in more areas and fit more angles than a regular window, so let that light in!