How to Deliver a Show-Stopping Roofing Project.


How to Deliver a Show-Stopping Roofing Project.

Have you ever wished you could peer inside the mind of extraordinarily successful roofers and find out exactly how they create such show-stopping projects?'s your chance.

Top roofers not only work to rebuild their customers' roofs, but they also make suggestions and install products that will dramatically change the look of a home—all while the roof deck is open.

See how they do it. defense of stealing

Did you know that Shakespeare stole his plots from Greek and Roman plays? Or that Thomas Jefferson eloquently borrowed (plagiarized) the Declaration of Independence from Frenchmen, John Locke?

What I'm getting at is that everything you learned in Kindergarten on up about stealing ideas is just not applicable to everyday life. And one of the most tortuous things you can do is believe everything you do has to be original.

Roofers, who make roofing their business, watch what others do and then adapt it for their own purpose.

They borrowed ideas, used tactics others found successful, and gained loyal customers.

So, you owe it to yourself to see what others have done to increase their profits and create stunning renovations to their customers' homes all while the roof deck was available.

1.) Why being the slowest makes you one of the best

Customers just love the sound of hammers above their head for days on end.

It reminds them of that joyful migraine they got after the hour long meeting where their co-worker drudged on about the importance of his red stapler.

(Please note the sarcasm. Please clap.)

As you would figure. Customers don't like countless hours of construction, but you know what they don't like more? Someone telling them they have to cut a big fat hole in their new roof to install something that could have been done when the roof deck was available.

So slow down, ask the questions, and make sure you're installing everything you can before closing up the roof deck.

2.) Use this

As you probably figured, when you have that roof deck available, you can install just about anything without causing too much of a headache for yourself (and your customers).

So why not go ahead and do it?

Many houses you work on might have skylights already, but what they might not have is natural light in rooms that are hard to reach, such as bathrooms and hallways.

Luckily, that's where VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights come in handy for roofers.

This tunnel comes as either flexible or rigid and makes installation really simple—you barely have to go in a customer's home (and only to attach the diffuser).

Although extremely quick to install while re-roofing, its impact is a show-stopper.

It's also an item that top roofers are using more and more to add natural light and a feeling of openness to your customers' home.

And it's also amp-ing up their revenue for each roofing project they do, too.

Here's an additional link for you to learn more about VELUX Sun Tunnels.

3. ) Enjoy the victory

 Watch this short video showing you just how easy a sun tunnel is to install.

So while you're up on the roof, don't forget to install a VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight. It will make a change to your customer's home for the better.

And when you do, send us a picture. We'd like to see how you created a show-stopping roofing project of your own.

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