Posted by Sarah Cocos on February 15, 2021

The Good, Better, & Best Ways to Go Solar


Saving energy, earning money, and giving your homeowners a great deal just got a whole lot easier with the VELUX Go Solar options. From good to better to best, check out the different ways you can increase energy efficiency in homes while also boosting your bottom line on every skylight job.

But before we get to that...


What is Go Solar?

Go Solar is a program we came up with a few years ago to encourage homeowners to opt for our most energy-efficient, solar-powered products. In addition to creating a greener space, homeowners who install solar-powered property (like the ones mentioned in this blog) become eligible for a federal solar tax credit when they file their taxes. 


This year and next year, homeowners who install solar-powered skylights can earn 26% of their total project cost back at tax time. And the best part is, this doesn't affect your bottom line at all! You'll still be paid for the work you do (when it's due), and homeowners will get a discount in the form of a rebate from the federal government.


So, what are the good, better, and best ways to Go Solar?


The Good

Let's start with the good: An economic daylighting solution that fits in virtually any room. The VELUX Rigid Sun Tunnel® Skylight with Solar Night Light is the first stop of our Go Solar tour. Sun tunnels have always been our best-on-a-budget daylighting solution, and when you add the Solar Night Light, they become an even better deal for you and homeowners. The Solar Night Light is just that: A solar-powered night light that attaches discreetly to the inside of a rigid tunnel tube. At night when no natural light is available, it emits a soft, moon-like glow to light the way.


Here's how The Good adds up*:


          $350 - Rigid Sun Tunnel with flashing

        +$31 - Solar Night Light
        +$1000 - Installation

       =$1,381 - Your Estimated Total

        -$359 - Estimated Tax Credit

       =$1,022 - Customer Estimated Total


The Better

Moving right along to the better: Sun tunnels are nice, but there's nothing quite like looking up and seeing clear sky views. It's one of the main reasons why VELUX Fixed Skylights are the better way to Go Solar. When a VELUX Fixed Skylight is paired with one of our preinstalled solar-powered blinds, it becomes eligible for the solar federal tax credit, once again helping save homeowners money while boosting your bottom line.


Here's how The Better adds up*:


          $400 - Fixed Skylight with flashing

        +$375 - Solar-powered blind

        +$1000 - Installation

       =$1,775 - Your Estimated Total

        -$462 - Estimated Tax Credit

       =$1,313 - Customer Estimated Total


The Best

And finally, the best: a skylight that provides natural light and fresh air! The VELUX Solar-Powered "Fresh Air" Skylight does just that. Because of its solar-powered operation, this skylight doesn't need blinds to qualify for the tax credit, but we highly recommend them for light control and combatting solar heat gain. The Solar "Fresh Air" Skylight also features a rain sensor to automatically close the skylight at the first sign of rain and an insect screen, so homeowners wary of leaks or pests can rest more easily underneath the best Go Solar solution.


Here's how The Best adds up*:


          $1,300 - Solar "Fresh Air" Skylight with flashing

        +$1,000 - Installation

        =$2,300 - Your Estimated Total

        -$600 - Estimated Tax Credit

        =$1,700 - Customer Estimated Total



While installing skylights and sun tunnels can mean a bigger bottom line for homebuilders and roofers, they can also be a bit financially daunting for homeowners. Help ease their financial burden without affecting your own by Going Solar one of three ways. After all, whether it's the good, better, or best way to more natural light, it's an energy-efficient win for everyone involved!


*All numbers are based on estimates. These numbers do not reflect a final cost of sale.