Posted by VELUX News on September 28, 2017
Posted by VELUX News on September 28, 2017

Everything you wanted and needed  to know about the VELUX Energy Performance Model

Posted by: VELUX News

There's been a lot of talk about the VELUX Energy Performance Model. But we probably haven't answered all of your questions yet. 

So here's a collection of the most-asked questions when it comes to the VELUX Energy Performance Model. 

Question #1—You say it's free, is it really free?

 After you add up the total product cost, plus the installation, and then deduct 30%—your customers will receive a savings that’s almost equivalent to the price of a fixed or manual venting skylight.

Question #2—What blinds do I have to purchase for it to be eligible?

Stock double-pleated, solar-powered, blinds. (No blackout shades, or any special-ordered blind, or single-pleated.)

Question #3—It can only be the double-pleated blind, why?

In U-Value and SHGC comparisons between skylights with no blinds and skylights with a variety of blinds, we discovered that the fixed skylights with a double-pleated blind performed as much as 40% better in terms of U-Value and 16% better in SHGC.

Question #4—Heard a lot about laminated glass, can this be added?

Yes! Although laminated glass is a completely separate component, if the skylight you’re installing or adding is above eight feet (or what we considered “out of reach”), we highly recommend and building codes require that the glass be laminated.

VELUX Clean, Quiet, and Safe—Laminated Glass. 

Question #5—We know it’s not the skylight that makes this eligible, so what does?

The solar-powered blind and the free  KLR remote.

The solar-powered blind is an obvious one since the words “solar-powered” are in its name. But the KLR remote (which is free!) provides a different element to the grouping.

The KLR remote is the ultimate system for controlling the home’s environment. The KRL remote’s automated system automatically lowers the blinds during the peak sunlight hours, and it also lowers blinds during night-time hours in cold, winter months—giving your customers outrageous energy performance.

Question #6—This doesn’t really seem free…

Initially, your customer will have to pay for the skylight, blinds, and installation out of pocket. But, when tax time rolls around they’ll get money back—almost $735—in federal tax credits.

Questions #7—When do my customers get their money back?

Tax time! 

Question #8—OK, it’s installed. Now what?

Once the product is purchased and installed, remind your customers to keep their receipts for total price paid (both product and installation) and then attach them to a completed 30% federal tax credit form.

Question #9—How do I find out more about this program?

Want to find out more? You can download the flyer, visit us at here, give your local sales rep a call, or live chat with us on our website



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