Posted by Heather Holder on October 31, 2019

Unsolved Mysteries: Skylight Edition


This blog is about an unsolved mystery. What you are about to read is not a news broadcast.


This case features an ordinary man, thrust into a vortex of mystery, heartbreak, and intrigue. The writer of this blog is searching for that vital clue to end a story that has no ending. Join me. You may be able to help solve a mystery.


The Demise of Sam Borg

Enter Sam Borg, the 67-year-old owner of a Maltese club in Northern Melbourne, Australia. The club was known for illegal gambling, and money was said to flow freely there.


End of May 1960. Borg had not been seen outside of his home for several days, prompting a wellness check by a concerned friend who found the house locked and bolted shut. The police were called, and they used a ladder to enter through a window. Once inside, they discovered Borg's body wrapped in sheets, shoved under the bed in the guest bedroom.


Sam Borg had been dead for days, and it was determined that he was battered around the head with a chair leg.

But the strangest thing about how Sam had nothing to do with his body or where it was. Bizarrely, the guest room where Sam met his grisly end had been nailed completely shut - from the inside!


In Sam's own bedroom, the police found a loaded gun and a fair amount of cash hidden, but they had reason to suspect that the murderer still made off with over $1000.


A Way Up...And Out

Sam Borg was found alone, beaten to death in a room that was nailed shut from the inside. So, how did his killer escape?


The answer to how was quite simple once police looked up: the killer boarded up the bedroom and left through the guest room's skylight.


The question that remains: Why?


Authorities interviewed 40 people about the case, but no arrests were ever made.



For every mystery, someone somewhere knows the truth. Perhaps that someone is reading. Perhaps it's you.