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Why explain the value of laminated glass to your customers?

Written by VELUX News | September 28, 2017

It’s probably one of the toughest parts of the job for any professional.

And we hear it all the time, “I understand how valuable laminated glass is, but I don’t have to install it in my house, right?”

As with any profession, your customers want to know what they can expect (especially in terms of return on their investment, quality of the product, and warranty) before they’ll ever commit to buying it.

So let’s start with a simple question…

Why should you explain the importance of laminated glass to your customers?

Laminated Glass is Not a Fad

Contrary to what customers (and some other professionals might believe), laminated glass is remarkably valuable.

It may just be another type of glass, but it is gives more protection, better warranty, a quieter look, and a cleaner design than you might think.

Let’s throw some stats in there. The VELUX Clean, Quiet, and Safe Glass (our laminated glass product):

  • Reduces outside noise by up to 25% more than a standard double pane glass and 50% more than a plastic skylight
  • Disperses water and decomposes organic material—what other glass does that?
  • 10-year hail warranty along with our promise that this glass will not break or crack because of hail.

Did We Mention It’s Required?

In most areas throughout the United States, building codes require the use of laminated glass in windows past a certain feet.

Which means, you have to break out your tape measure and start measuring off to see if your skylight is going to be within code.

Or, you could just tack on laminated glass in your proposal to your customers. It will save you a trip up the ladder, and also give your customers more reassurance on their investment.

But Can’t We Get the Same Results from Double-paned Glass?


There is a huge difference between laminated and double-paned/tempered glass.

First, let’s explore how they break.

  • Tempered glass: breaks and cracks into large junks, which ultimately could crash down on your customers…yikes!
  • Laminated glass: spiderwebs. Think of your car windshield. When it gets cracked, it will crack into tiny pieces, but it will never collapse inwards.

Now which one would you rather have above your head?

We’re pretty sure we know the answer.

That’s  Not All When It Comes to Laminated Glass.

The VELUX Clean, Quiet, and Safe glass offers a whole realm of stuff, like keeping itself clean of water spots and organic material thanks to Titanium dioxide in the glass.

Or that it works with LoE glass, so that it conserves energy year-round—saving your customers 25% off their energy bill annually.

And it’s also one of the safest and quietest glass products out there, with all the qualities mentioned above. Check out more about the product, here!

So next time someone says, “is laminated glass really worth it?” knock it out the park.