[Glass vs. Plastic] The only guide you'll ever need.


[Glass vs. Plastic] The only guide you'll ever need.

There are big differences between glass and plastic skylights—BIG.

And knowing what makes each unique can help you better assist your customers in choosing the type of skylight right for their home or business.

So from blocking out noise to the life span of the product, we've gathered up the biggest differences between glass and plastic—and we even have some advice on when it's the best time to replace them.

The View: When it comes to the look and view of the skylight, glass and plastic have noticeable differences.

Glass skylights have a clear and transparent view, whereas plastic naturally has a wavy distortion to it and can be tinted in color

Lifespan: Worried that glass would break faster than plastic?  Much to some surprise, the glass used in VELUX skylights come with a 20-year warranty.

The glass also comes in a sturdier frame that can withstand even the toughest, most grueling hailstorm. Just check out the video the VELUX team in Australia created.

Not sure the same could be said for other plastic skylights like the one pictured here:

Noise: One of homeowners worse fears when it comes to installing a skylight is that every sound made outside is going to sound as if it's right inside the home.

But that's just not the case. With VELUX Neat® glass, outside sounds are reduce by up to 50% less than a plastic skylight.

So that silences those fears!

Maintenance and Cleaning: Another big concern (and a noticeable difference between glass and plastic) happens when it comes to the cleaning of the skylight.

With plastic (bubble-like) skylights, unfortunately, there's no cleaning system except for the homeowners to regular wash and clean the unit.

As for VELUX Neat® glass, its unique formula allows water to "sheet off" and evaporate quickly, reducing water spots. In addition, the glass works with the sun's UV rays to decompose any organic material present on the glass, and washes away the matter during the next rain. So that's less work for your homeowners.

Condensation: Between the worry of leaks and build-up of condensation, this is where the decision to choose glass vs. plastic makes the biggest difference.

Watch the video where we replace old bubble skylights with a new solar powered "Fresh Air" skylight now:

Replacement Time: From time to time, skylights will need to be replaced—and here's how you can tell exactly when to replace your customer's skylight.

Watch the video here.

When it comes to glass and plastic skylights, there are several big differences. So next time you help a customer make their skylight selection, keep them in mind.

If you have any other questions about the differences between glass and plastic skylights give us a call!

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