Millennials: The Future Home Buyers

It's no secret that the housing market has changed in the past ten years. Now, Millennials...


[CRASH COURSE] Here's what you need to know about the VELUX Cabrio Balcony Roof Window

The video is going viral.

blog-80story building.png

Glad I'm Not a Fire Marshal Reason #967: Architects want to build an 80-story WOODEN skyscraper

There's a reason to the madness: One of our coworkers from VELUX Denmark made a trip over ...

You can't make a viral video, but you can do this!

Quick story: While I was enjoying a helping of pumpkin pie leftovers on the Sunday after T...


Washington, DC—The first LEED Platinum the world!

Surprisingly pleasant news came out of Washington DC this week—the city was named the firs...


[New App Alert] Zillow unveils the first ever 3D home tours

Ditch the 3D glasses.


[FUTURE] What homes in 2030 will look ready?

If asked, can you recall what the home looked like in the cartoon show, The Jetsons?


Solar-powered metal roofs—and a Tesla smackdown

Remember when I mentioned that Elon Musk was joining the roofing industry by creating sola...


Life in the Amazon: How this company is changing customer expectations

I have Amazon Prime, and I must say it's pretty spectacular.